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Digitalization of Distribution Management

Updated: Feb 12

Need of the hour for today’s FMCG, Pharma, Building Materials, Spare Parts and other Industries with Secondary Sales Channels

An End-to-End Distribution Management Solution Brief from FieldMI

Economic risks, dynamic demand, uncertain government steps during pandemic such as Covid, price wars etc., significant supply chain disruptions, complex distributor networks, and changing consumer expectations; all these factors have re-shaped the field sales and distributor functions, making efficient operations and rapid deliveries the new normal.

  • The companies want to know almost near real-time on “What is happening with its brands and products”.

  • Companies and the sales teams need to have a broad visibility and better management of their secondary sales at distributor level.

FieldMI’s Distribution Management application makes it smooth and easy for field sales to order, quote, rate, provide schemes & discounts, track claims, see stock levels, damage returns, distributor & area performance and manage their distribution sales with “automated integration to the distributor network” and “mobile-enabled” solutions.

Field sales can access reliable, guaranteed ordering with broader distribution networks available 24/7.

With this seamless integration, businesses/distributors/retailers gain a full set of DMS capabilities on one platform while reducing infrastructure spend and improving fill rates.

Access to Distributor Demand, Collections, and Inventory Levels

Over the past decade, the secondary demand has changed significantly, facing obsolescence/shortages, changing consumer demand & brand preferences, as well as faster service. FMCG and other similar companies operating in complex

distributor demand networks are working on agile and resilient supply chains to maintain their constant fill rates. These challenges require a DMS that can easily help businesses plan and execute secondary sales across an extensive network of distributors. Quick on-the-go “mobile-enabled solution” with real-time access to distributors data for knowing the stocks supplied to the distributors, whether the stocks are sold, which product & categories are doing better in secondary sales, what areas my distribution network is strong in, real-time visibility to ordering and collections data – all of these will lead to timely decision making for the businesses. Businesses can reduce the delays, secondary sales losses, insufficient inventory visibility issues, unnecessary payment holds by the distributors, and the outstanding credits.secondary sales losses, insufficient inventory visibility issues, unnecessary payment holds by the distributors, and the outstanding credits.


  • Visibility to stocks at right time, place, and quantity

  • Access to broader distribution and retailer demand

  • Ability to view and track claims from distributors

  • Seamless integration to a robust DMS for higher efficiency

  • Suggestive orders

  • Secondary order processing

  • Distributor-wise schemes and discounts management

More Real-time Visibility and Increased Efficiency With a DMS

The distributors integrate directly with FieldMI’s Distribution Management application to power instant orders & quotes, stocks and inventory consumption, all on-the-go over Mobile enabled app. Businesses that use FieldMI’s DMS tap into real-time sales insights and access a broader network of customer demand. Once distributor login is activated, sales representatives can see ordering patterns from distributors in the DMS almost within few hours. In addition to orders and quotes, sales representatives can also gain end-to-end routes & vehicle visibility — provided by each distributor. This will help sales and distributors increase efficiency and real-time visibility of operations.


  • Smarter Decisions

  • Delighted Buyers, helping boost demand

  • Distributor pay collections TAT improvement

  • Rise in Sales team efficiency and top-line growth

  • Distribution Channel shaping

  • Claims tracking and agile alerting & actioning

Scheme & Pricing Management

With automation to schemes and discounts, to price changes and claims, businesses are equipped with a reliable DMS that is extended to a larger network of distributors and retailers/ warehouses with a quick mobile-enabled, optimum pull & push (hybrid) strategies for scheme & discount notifications. Distributors and retailers/warehouses can reduce time spent manually searching for product specific schemes and discounts. Instant claims on price changes can be tracked by sales representatives and this provide agility to react quickly when necessary

End-to-End Field Sales Management Product Suite

Once an organization implements any FieldMI product applications, it is easy to add more capabilities in the future for better visibility, coordination and control over the end-to-end field sales. The FieldMI creates a one stop solution for CRM, SFA, accounting ERP, service CRM, DMS, customer ticketing applications, customer self-ordering applications, HRMS applications, workflow management solutions and much more all enabled with use of latest technologies like Mobility, AI, ML & BI. FieldMI DMS and all other solutions are enabled with IOT and Cloud Integration.

FieldMI DMS is enabled via Android, iOS application for retailers self-ordering. It is also enabled with web-based application for top management with embedded analytics. It provides distributors / retailers benefit of smooth integrations to their Tally, SAP, Oracle, vTiger, AWS, Azure, and other systems.

At FieldMI, they have helped their customers achieve field sales & distribution efficiencies by providing their SalesMI and DMS product suites with some key features such as Sales Order Management, Distribution Management, Workflow enablement, SFA etc.

-- Content Written for Field MI Technologies Pvt. Ltd ( A Leading Startup)

Written By:

Ruhi Garg

Director of Supply Chain | Consulting | Sales Operations,

Influencer of Global Business Process | SCM | Digital Transformation | Consulting

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