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Improving field process performance, operational service efficiency, and service deliveries

Updated: Feb 12

Improving the field process performance, operational service efficiency, and service deliveries for Medical Equipment Manufacturing & Distribution organisations.

The ultimate goal for all companies in the medical equipment manufacturing & distribution industry is to improve the overall operational, financial, and service performance of their field service functions. Companies should be consistently evaluating field process performance, operational service efficiency, and service deliveries to measure their progress in order to achieve their business goals.

Field Process Performance

Businesses need to know when their field technicians complete an assigned job and how their activities affect their overall performance. Spending optimal time in completing relevant jobs, reducing the delays and non-billed/overtime hours are key to optimising business processes. These will help in improving overall productivity as well as completion cycle time.

Operational Service Efficiency

Tracking technician travel schedules, service response time, and repair times are crucial to determine operational efficiency. Businesses need to train the technicians and track/improve their schedules and performance.

Service Deliveries

Businesses need access to an on-demand self-reliant workforce that will help them to continue innovation of their service delivery model and provide exceptional customer experience. To get a realistic understanding of their field performance, businesses will need to evaluate their customer metrics such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) & Net Promoter Scores (NPS) versus their service delivery costs.

While every service organisation’s goal is to be profitable and to provide excellent customer service organisations should also consider the cost required in providing the service. In addition, service delivery performance also needs to consider the availability of Parts and Inventory Stock at the right time, right price, and right place.

So, how does field service management help companies stay ahead of their competition and increase profits in the long run?

What are the key capabilities and features of a good field service management software in order to help medical equipment and other businesses/industries achieve their above similar field service goals?

Self-Service enablement for Self-Reliant Field Technicians

Your technicians are the front face of the services you provide. They help in achieving higher CSAT & NPS for your organisation. Having a Mobile-enabled self-service technician application/module helps keep technicians informed about the task assignments, enable them to plan in-detail, execute plans efficiently, and make quick decisions on-the-go.

Optimised Processes

Capabilities such as Workflow Management which uses automation to reduce the number of activities executed, reducing delays, and preventing redundancy will help achieve cycle time improvement and improve productive time of the field technicians.

Improved business transparency by powerful communication and approvals

Modules to provide Real-time information to managers, ensure streamlined and accurate approval flow, manage information communication from point of raising service request to actual order/delivery completion, alerts & notifications to identify bottlenecks in operations helping in improving and scaling the operational service efficiencies.

Better work order management with powerful scheduling capabilities

Capabilities & modules to automate scheduling & route management will help companies have full control of their time, and their field workers productivity & performance.

Smarter decision making

Tracking field technicians timing, performance management with effective HR and training modules, and automated inventory and parts management capabilities will help organisations and the managers to make smart decisions. Evaluation of performance metrics such as field time-to-resolution, equipment availability, downtime, parts failures/returned stock, re-ordering and consumption of parts, stock level reporting are vital in assessing service delivery success.

At FieldMI, they have helped their customers achieve field service efficiencies by providing their SalesMI and ServMI product suites with some key features such as Work Order Management, Service Calls Management, Workflow enablement, SFA, Service tracking, etc.

- Content Written for Field MI Technologies Pvt. Ltd ( A Leading FSA Software Startup)

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