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We provide actionable, driver-based Insights for the value chain of the enterprise to improve data and process visibility, revenue growth, and customer experience. We offer out-of-the-box scalable solutions as well as customizable offerings as per requirement & right-fit analysis​.​​

Our SMART 4-Step packaged analytics solutions

ActDBI - Solution for in depth descriptive and diagnostic analysis


Descriptive and Diagnostic Analysis

ActDBI - Solution for in depth operational and execution control towers to take corrective actions based on alerts


Operational and Execution Control Towers

ActDBI - Solution for in depth predictive and prescriptive analysis


Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

ActDBI - Solution for further optimizing process and analytics for better 360 degree growth of the organization


Advanced Analytics, Digital Twin, and IoT based solutions

Our Target Industry

  • Manufacturing & Industrial

  • Consumer Goods & Agri

  • Retail & E-Commerce

  • Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Banking and Finance

  • Business Service & IT

  • Supply Chain

  • Healthcare

  • Education

Our Data & Analytical Expertise

  • Tableau

  • PowerBI

  • Excel

  • AWS

  • Google

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

Our Work

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