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ActDBI acts as an Extended Arm to organisations in their planning transformation journey.

ActDBI’s Planning solutions & capabilities help organizations to streamline and digitalise their planning activities, mitigate risks and be cost competitive.

Supply Chain & Procurement Plan

Make money on your Supply Chain – Forecast better, Plan collaboratively, Order on-time, and grow efficiently.
Commercial Sales

Increase your profitability, have better account visibility, spend wisely, and minimize costs of acquisition.
Programs & Portfolios

Plan cross-functional collaboration, accelerate innovation, and improve time-to-market.
Corporate & Financial

Predict revenues, fuel bottom line growth & drive measures to improve enterprise financial success.
Demand and Supply Planning
AI-driven demand forecasting, multi-level inventory planning, and balancing demand and supply plans for effective ordering.
Material Requirements and Capacity Planning
Demand-driven material requirements and capacity planning which helps generate plans and allocations, basis the demand forecasts of finished products and a bill of materials (BoM).
Sales & Operations Planning
AI-driven solution for one plan sales and operations planning. Helping you make fast and profitable decisions with real-time forecasting, simulations for future time predictions, and providing optimization for ordering & manufacturing.
Sales & Operations Execution Insights
Ensuring digital twin simulations for S&OP-S&OE teams to work collaboratively with the right solution enabling visibility, assumptions & changes, and constraint-based what-if scenarios.
Supplier Rationalization & Spend Analysis
Increasing spend under management and driving supplier, products, and spend visibility across business drivers, drill-down analytics to generate swift action plans for savings capture.
Sales Volume and Revenue Planning
AI-driven sales and revenue forecasting, drill-down analytics, and growth management.
Territory and Quota Planning
One Plan Sales view for all territories and quota plans with effective workflows, what-if scenario analysis, and drill-downs.
Promotions and Marketing Planning
Helping drive marketing spend wisely by providing end-to-end visibility on promotions and marketing initiatives, linking to management objectives and key results (OKRs).
Incentives and Compensation Planning
Ensuring right compensation and incentives to sales teams, distributors, channel partners, and retailers to drive more sales and help improve productivity rate.
Client Account and After Sales Planning
Increasing customer retention and improving lifetime value by providing accounts and customer visibility, and by driving after sales services demand plans.
Agile Program Planning
Product backlog, scrums, sprints, release, and retrospectives planning to drive informed decision making and faster deliveries.
Center of Excellence Projects Planning
Project management office and center of excellence initiatives planning by work streams, processes, transformation activities, and by SaaS products to help reduce workflow inefficiencies and accelerate adoption.
Strategy and OKRs Planning
Roadmap planning, providing end-to-end visibility and analytics on long and medium term goals by OKR planning and providing execution insights to meet goals.
Value Stream Planning
Accelerating innovation by delivering present, ideal, and future state value stream planning of work streams, processes, and product flows.
Program Resources and Portfolio Rationalization
Helping invest in right opportunities by resource planning, driving portfolio visibility, and providing rationalization opportunities.
Budget Planning
Helping in driving visibility of all your spending, expenses, and earnings with effective budget planning and providing what-if scenario analytics.
Subscription Revenue and Volume Planning
AI-driven predictions of revenue streams and growth trajectory by providing sales and revenue forecasting, drill-down analytics, and growth management actions.
Workforce and Headcount Planning
Delivering unified visibility and analytics for managing workforce as per strategies and OKRs, and planning headcount basis projects and goals.

Why Planning-as-a-Service to improve Business Performance?

Choice & Some Priorities of Business Leaders

  • Rising input & employee headcount costs
  • Time-sensitive processes
  • Dynamic & flexible priorities in management of people, process, technology
  • High investment in technology & IT infrastructure
  • Legacy systems, silo data & processes leading to need for change / automations
  • Processes not fully stable or mapped, unknown risks, uncertainty in meeting desired planning automation goals

How ActDBI Planning-As-a-Service
Solutions will help leaders

Acts as extended arm with planning expertise (Sustainable resourcing & lower attrition)
Companies need not invest in expensive technologies upfront (Reduced delays & costs)
First time right alignment & fixes (mitigate risks & get realize spot ROI)
Hybrid & flexible delivery model & pricing (contract as per need and project timelines)

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