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Digital Transformation Insights

Insights on Transformation Operating Model for CPG | FMCg | Agribusiness | E-commerce

Placing your "key drivers, strategic digital thinking upfront, customer segments and product-demand mix understanding, capability/capacity/channels/KPI assessments", at the core of defining and redefining ops model : Will help to ensure a holistic approach in knowing the data & information necessary for gaining full visibility across channel & customer journeys, business metrics, and operational awareness.

Reinventing the business operating model by "enabling advanced analytics, IOT techniques, real-time visibility across product SKUs, customer trends, and channel strengths" : Will help to accelerate growth direction, and responding faster to market segments, channels, and competitive disruptions.

Adopting a strong digital framework to "embed an integrated strategy with clear traceability and transformation goals across supply chain / value chain networks" : Will help move from siloed data models and thought process to a much more collaborative and One plan, One execution model addressing digital revolution across consumers, customers, suppliers, partners, and business divisions.

Written By:

Ruhi Garg

Director of Supply Chain | Consulting | Sales Operations,

Influencer of Global Business Process | SCM | Digital Transformation | Consulting

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